In Hot Springs Village we are fortunate to have four distinct seasons with individual beauty surrounding us all year long!
Spring- With Temperatures between the mid 60º’s to high 70º’s
Arkansas’s mild weather makes walking the over thirty miles of
designated hiking trails in Hot Springs Village a great experience!
Flowers and trees are in bloom adding their ambrosial fragrance to
the clean fresh air. Enjoy the lovely dogwood flowers, pear tree
blossoms and abundant wild flowers. You may also be fortunate
enough to glimpse wildlife babies just being born or hatched into
this world, perhaps even observing as they take their first steps and
experiences into the journey of their lives.
Summer- Warmer days make spending time at one of our eleven
lakes a great outing. Take a swim to cool off during the hottest part
of the day with the temperatures averaging between the low 90º’s to
100º. Enjoy evenings with a tall glass of southern sweet tea and
watching as summer storms roll in.
Autumn- Our hot summer days switch to cool fall days while the
forest begins it’s annual transformation to red, gold, purple, and
yellow leaves. Mother nature treats us well with its beauty and
majesty during our low 60º’s to upper 70º’s weather.
Winter- Mild to moderate winters make year-round living perfect
here in Hot Springs Village. With less than four total inches average
snowfall for the entire season, there are only a few days during
which you may need to push snow off of the driveway or
windshield. Winter might bring some cold 20º days with it, allowing
our heavy coats a chance to come out of hiding in the back of the
coat closet. But don’t fret, these don’t last long!

Hot Springs Village weather